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Small Business Resource Magazine

Small Business Resource magazine is the most complete guide to starting and expanding your business. You'll find information on Local Regulations, Government Loans, Training and Assistance, and Business Advocacy.

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Getting Started

If you’re just starting, we’ll show you where to find the resources to help you with loans and business management skills. If you’re already in business, you’ll see how to manage and expand your business, obtain government contracts, recover from disaster, and have your voice heard in the federal government.


Taking the time to research the applicable regulations is as important as knowing your market. Bear in mind that regulations vary by industry. Carefully investigate the regulations that affect your industry. Being out of compliance can leave you unprotected legally, lead to expensive penalties, and jeopardize your business.


Many entrepreneurs need financial resources to start or expand a small business themselves and must combine what they have with other sources of financing. These sources can include family and friends, venture-capital financing, and business loans. The financing section will show how to secure the extra funding you need.

Government Contracting

The federal government is the largest purchaser of goods aand services in the world. However, small businesses face challenges when trying to win federal contracts. Working closely with federal agencies and the nation’s leading large contractors, the SBA works to ensure that small businesses obtain a fair share of contracts.

Business Advocacy

Advocacy funds outside research into small business issues to inform policy makers about the important role of small business in the economy and the impact of government policies on small business. In addition, regional advocates help identify regulatory concerns of small businesses throughout the county.

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